RV Tips for Using Your RV as a Guest House During the Holidays

Are you hosting Christmas with your family and loved ones? Why not spread some Christmas cheer and help alleviate travel expenses for out of town guests by using your new or used RV as a guest home during the holidays? Here are some RV tips for why you might want to consider it – and how you can prep your RV comfortably as a welcome guest house.

Using Your RV as a Guest House

Save Money on Hotel Rooms

The first advantage to using your RV as a guest house for the holidays is that it alleviates the expense of hotel room stays for several family members. The sheer expense of traveling can be cost prohibitive for many families at this time of year. Help take a load off their minds – and their credit card statement – by offering your RV as a warm place to stay.

Alleviate Stress

Sometimes family gatherings are only as good as the separate quarters everyone can retreat to at the end of the night. And when everyone feels crammed together, the stress can overshadow the good time you’re supposed to be having. Using your RV as a guest house gives everyone their own space to enjoy and retreat to, whether for an afternoon nap or just at the end of the day. Sometimes quality time spent together is aided by just the right amount of time spent apart!

Get Your RV Guest-Ready

A handful of festive preparations in your RV can make it a perfect space for guests. Be mindful of your guests’ needs. If you’re hosting company with young children, you may want to modify these ideas to prevent anything that’s not child-safe.

Using Your RV as a Guest House

  • Quickly tidy the interior of your RV – including vacuuming the floors, wiping down surfaces, and supplying fresh linens in the bathroom and bedrooms.
  • Stock the bathroom and kitchen with extra supplies like toilet paper and paper towels.
  • Add a comfy blanket or Christmasy throw pillows on the tri-fold sofa in the living area or in the Master bedroom.
  • Leave a stack of holiday classics (books and movies) or log-in info to access your streaming service from the entertainment center.
  • Add a string of Christmas lights around the windows, and a decorative, festive tabletopper at the dinette.

Using Your RV as a Guest House

If you want to go the extra mile, stash a few items in the kitchen and let your guests know it’s been lightly stocked for their convenience. Some ideas to consider are:

  • Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, and/or apple cider mix packets in the pantry, along with oatmeal and granola bars. Popcorn and a tin of Christmas cookies are a perfect evening treat as well!
  • Leave an electric kettle or a mini Keurig on the kitchen counter for the hot drinks, as well as a welcoming fruit basket with December citrus, or a guest-size gift basket with summer sausage, cheese, and cracker.
  • Put a quart of milk and some creamer in the fridge.

Your loved ones will greatly appreciate having a welcome space to bring in their gifts and rest their heads, and everyone will love the advantages that using your RV as a guest house will bring. Contact us today if you need help getting your RV ready for guests!

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